Hyperresonance Unifying Theory and the resulting Law



fundamental physics, unified theory, string theory, multiverse theory, Newtonian gravitational constant, hyperresonance, geophysics, gravitation, earthquakes, tectonics


Hyperresonance Unifying Theory (HUT) is herein conceived based on theoretical and experimental geophysics, as that absolute extension of both Multiverse and String Theories, in which all universes (the Hyperverse) - of non-prescribed energies and scales - mutually orbit as well as oscillate in tune. The motivation for this is to explain oddities of "attraction at a distance" and physical unit(s) attached to the Newtonian gravitational constant G. In order to make sure HUT holds absolutely, we operate over non-temporal, unitless and quantities with derived units only. A HUT's harmonic geophysical localization (here for the Earth-Moon system; the Georesonator) is indeed achieved for mechanist and quantum scales, in form of the Moon's Equation of Levitation (of Anti-gravity). HUT holds true for our Solar system the same as its localized equation holds down to the precision of terrestrial G-experiments, regardless of the scale: to 10-11 and 10-39 for mechanist and quantum scales, respectively. Due to its absolute accuracy (within NIST experimental limits), the derived equation is regarded a law. HUT can indeed be demonstrated for our entire Solar system in various albeit empirical ways. In summary, HUT shows: (i) how classical gravity can be expressed in terms of scale and the speed of light; (ii) the tuning-forks principle is universal; (iii) the body's fundamental oscillation note is not a random number as previously believed; (iv) earthquakes of about M6 and stronger arise mainly due to Earth's alignments longer than three days to two celestial objects in our Solar system, whereas M7+ earthquakes occur mostly during two simultaneous such alignments or alignments longer than a week; etc. HUT indicates: (v) quantum physics is objectocentric, i.e. trivial in absolute terms so it cannot be generalized beyond classical mass-bodies; (vi) geophysics is largely due to the magnification of mass resonance; etc. HUT can be extended to multiverse (1017) and string scales (10-67) too, providing a constraint to String Theory. HUT is the unifying theory as it demotes classical forces to states of stringdom. The String Theory's paradigm on vibrational rather than particlegenic reality has thus been confirmed. PERMALINK: https://journal.theroyalsociety.eu/JERSY/article/view/5

Author Biography

Mensur Omerbashich, Bosnian royal family

P.O. Box 1, Sarajevo


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Journal of the European Royal Society (JERSY)




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